SIAL Sound Studios officially opened in 2004, and is housed in The Design Hub at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Originally part of SIAL (the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory), we are now part of the Master of Design Innovation and Technology (MDIT) in the School of Design.


Only a small number of international design schools offer sound in their research and teaching programs. SIAL Sound Studios provides a unique multi-sensory design education for our students, while creating opportunities for practitioners to move beyond sound and contemporary music, into topics such as interaction design, sonification, acoustics, soundscape studies and immersion.


We add to teaching and research activities by curating, collaborating and producing public events through concerts, workshops, installations, exhibitions and festival appearances. These events use our speaker orchestra and include classic stereo diffusion approaches alongside multichannel and ambisonic composition and performance. 


RMIT and external students can undertake single electives, the one semester Graduate Certificate or two year Master of Design Innovation + Technology degrees. Post-graduate study is available at both Master and PhD levels.


We have delivered large-scale Australian Research Council funded projects, alongside industry funded projects with local and national arts organisations, local government and commercial partners.


For all enquiries on public events, research collaborations, post-graduate study or courses, contact us here