The Studios

The studios are equipped for all stages of spatial sound recording in interior or exterior spaces.


The largest and primary space is n-space, equipped with a 16.2 loudspeaker array around and above a central seating area for 20 listeners, and enabled for various multichannel formats including ambisonic playback. n-space is used for classes, tutorials, rehearsals and research.


The Pod is an acoustically isolated studio, and includes a 16.1 channel sound system with tie-lines to n-space, and used for spatial sound research, production and recording.


The Speaker Orchestra is stored in the studios and regularly used for concerts, workshops, rehearsals and post-graduate research.


The Black Box on the main university campus is used for workshops, presentations and research.┬áThis space is equipped with 24.2 loudspeakers at four different heights – 4 channels directly above, two rings of 8 loudspeakers around, and 4 channels at floor level. There are two subwoofers for low end extension.


The Studios are primarily Mac-based with primary software being Reaper, MaxMSP, IRCAM forum tools, ODEON, a suite of VST plugins, and software packages developed in-house such as Nebula. For studio, field and concert recordings we have a variety of Sound Devices & Zoom recorders, alongside microphones from Soundfield, Neumann, RODE, Sennheiser and Sanken.

All audio transport and connectivity, including within the Speaker Orchestra and the Black Box, is undertaken with Dante.