Chaos & Order

An installation of selected works from the RMIT Sonic Arts Collection as part of ‘Chaos and Order: 120 years of collecting at RMIT’

Presenting the work of over 80 Australian and international artists, Chaos & Order: 120 years of collecting at RMIT was the ambitious inaugural survey of the University art collection, exploring the nature of art collections and the uses to which they are put.


Works presented from the Sonic Arts Collections:

  • Raptor by Ros Bandt

  • What U Might Have Hear by Nigel Frayne

  • Namib by Chris Watson

  • Madeira Soundscape by Douglas Quin

  • We’ll All Go Together by Susan Philpsz

  • Echo Chamber by Sarah Edwards

  • Atmosis by Philip Brophy

  • Passing By‚ĶMore Quickly by Steve Stelios Adam

13th of April to the 9th of June, 2018

RMIT Gallery, Melbourne