An experimental drawing installation of a sea bed in Kaikōura, New Zealand

REEF was A collaborative exhibition by Simon Twose (Victoria University, Wellington, NZ), Anastasia Globa (University of Sydney), Jules Moloney (RMIT) and Lawrence Harvey (RMIT, SIAL Sound Studios).


Reef was part of ongoing research into experimental architectural drawing, exploring abstract possibilities in the open sketch. The work is an interdisciplinary collaboration between Simon Twose, Anastasia Globa, Jules Moloney and Lawrence Harvey.
The exhibition was an experimental drawing installation that exists simultaneously in three overlapping dimensions: material space, virtual space and sound space. It was a sketch of a small section of seabed in Kaikōura, Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Kaikōura reef is the visible part of a vast landscape that drops several kilometres below the sea’s surface and connects to an extensive canyon system that marks the junction of the pacific and Australian tectonic plates. Vast forces were released in the 2016 Kaikōura earthquake causing the submarine landscape to jolt upwards, and with it the reef.

This project used a hybrid of cast concrete miniature sketches, sound sketches and sketches in VR and AR to capture the ambiguous scale and strange presence of this landscape.


Visitors to the gallery were immersed in a single spatial sketch, composed of a cloud of elements that operate as grains of graphite in a rapidly sketched mark. These are an array that morphs from castings of the rock surface to gestural concrete sketches to digital interpretations.
The reading of these sketches is augmented by overlapping soundscapes and images from a virtual sketch environment, creating a multi-sensory 3-dimensional drawing that surrounds the participant. (Text from here)


For additional writing on the collaboration and project, see the paper Reef: Drawing in the Expanded Field, published in AMPS PROCEEDINGS SERIES 20.2, 2020.

5th of March to 1st of May, 2020
(closed early due to COVID-19)

Tin Sheds Gallery
The University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning, Darlington, Sydney

Images by Maja Baska