Soundproof: Sonic Rupture

A radio broadcast, based on a network of sound installations

Sonic Rupture is a sound work led by Dr. Jordan Lacey commissioned by The Creative Audio Unit of ABC Radio National for the program ‘SoundProof’. It was nationally broadcast over three episodes in December 2016. The work creatively recounts an international field trip through USA, the UK and Europe during which multiple sound installations, and their creators, were visited and documented with high quality sound recordings, forming the sonic material for the compositions.

The work explores how sound installations discover new ‘voices’, specifically making international sonic locations available to audiences in a poetic, imaginative form. The textures and qualities of the original recordings are reworked through creative, radiophonic composition to form a unique sonic travel narrative. This contributes to SIAL Sound Studio’s ambition to communicate the role that electroacoustic sound design plays in creating unique cultural-urban experiences. The work draws directly from Jordan Lacey’s book ‘Sonic Rupture’ (Bloomsbury 2016) and contributes to his ongoing research at the interface of sonic arts and urban design, exploring artistic and conceptual developments in the field of sound studies.


Australian broadcast – SoundProof – ABC Radio National. Downloads and broadcast dates:

9th, 16th and 23rd of September, 2016

ABC Radio National, SoundProof