Auditory City Concert Series

A series of free spatial music concerts produced by SIAL Sound Studios and performed in Melbourne’s city centre

Auditory city events occurred in diverse locations: the local town hall and grand-organ, a laneway and a multi-channel urban soundscape system.


Each performance used components of the Studio’s 32 speaker sound diffusion system, and an early version of the Studio’s diffusion software. Each concert was based on a solo artist performing a single large spatial composition. The use of each of venue or site was intended to engage audiences from the traditional formal concert setting such as Melbourne Town Hall through the semi-formal setting of a concert in a laneway, to the passing audience and urban setting of the Signal soundscape system.

These events were supported by the City of Melbourne Arts and Culture Branch.


CONCERT 1 – Eight panels for organ and electronics duration
2 October 2007
45 mins
Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne
Organ, live processing and spatial sound diffusion system
Organist: Andrew Blackburn
Spatialisation and electronics: Lawrence Harvey and Jeffrey Hannam

CONCERT 2 – Artemis, Goddess of nature, the animal kingdom, the hunt and fertility
9 October 2007
Fullham Lane, Melbourne
Composer: Karen Heath
Clarinet, live processing, tape and spatial sound diffusion system
Clarinetist – Karen Heath

CONCERT 3 – Spiral
16 November 2007
A realization of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s composition, Spiral
Composer: Karlheinz Stockhausen
Signal Soundscape System, Northbank, Melbourne
Performer: Dr Michael Fowler, Doepfer analog keyboard, KorgMicro keyboard, electronics and soundscape system

2nd October to 16th November, 2007

Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne
Fullham Lane, Melbourne
Northbank, Melbourne

Artistic Direction – Lawrence Harvey
Artists – Andrew Blackburn (organ in concert 1), Karen Heath (bass clarinet in concert 2), Michael Fowler (electronics in concert 3)
Production Management & MAX/MSP Programming – Jeffrey Hannam
Production Coordination & Publicity – Ellen Blackman
Production Assistants – Morgan McWaters, Hugh Marman
Additional assistance – Scott Brewer & Yiduo Dong
Ushers – Karen Heath & Daniel Newell

Gallery images: Alison Fairley & Lawrence Harvey