Auditory Images

A spatial sound workshop & performance

In late 2012, SIAL Sound Studios were preparing to move into the recently completed RMIT Design Hub. For the preparations, we organised a small concert in the Multipurpose Room – a small performance space next to the new location of SIAL Sound Studios. The Multipurpose Room has since been converted to a workshop.


Auditory Images was a series that featured work from RMIT researchers, local and international composers and sound designers, including:
• Elainie Lillios (US) 2002 – Back Roads
• Theodore Lotis (Greece) 2007 – Instant of Crystal
• Peter Batchelor (UK) 2006 – Kaleidoscope Fissure
• Manuella Blackman (UK) 2007 – Kitchen Alchemy

Curated and performed by Lawrence Harvey on the SIAL Sound diffusion system.


Production and Technical: Jeffrey Hannam
Technical Crew: Patrick Wilson, Jordan Lacey, Kane Phillips
Special thanks to the Design Hub staff: Kate Rhodes, Nella Themelios, Erik North

28th of November, 2012

RMIT Design Hub, RMIT University, Melbourne

Gallery images: Marc Morel