Oceans: new and classic electroacoustic compositions

A concert of works inspired by the sounds of oceans, performed over two nights, comprising new works and classics of the electro-acoustic repertoire.

Presented by RMIT Gallery in partnership with SIAL (Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory) Sound Studios, these two concerts performed at RMIT Storey Hall Auditorium invite audiences to submerge themselves in the stories, journeys and tragedies of the oceans.

Featuring works by established and emerging composers from Australia, Canada, Italy, France, NZ, UK and Norway, curated from new works and classics of the electro-acoustic repertoire.

The concert on Wednesday 3 May will include the world premiere of Ocean Deep by Canadian composer Barry Truax, who specializes in real-time implementations of granular synthesis, often of sampled sounds, and soundscapes.

Program (over both nights):

  • Buoy (2011) David Berezan (Canada/UK)

  • La vie en bleu (2013-2014) Anna Raimondo (Italy)

  • And then the sea came back (2016) Anja Kanngieser / Polly Stanton (Australia)

  • Island (2000) Barry Truax (Canada)

  • Prospero’s Voyage (2004) Barry Truax (Canada)

  • Spring Bloom in the Marginal Ice Zone (2017) Jana Winderen (Norway)

  • Tides: Sea Flight (1984) Denis Smalley (NZ/UK)

  • frostbYte: cHaTter (2012) Daniel Blinkhorn (Australia)

  • Billy sees inside the sea (2016) Jane Ullman (Australia)

  • HydroSonics (2016) Leah Barclay (Australia)

  • Poranui (2011-12) Reuben Derrick (NZ)

  • Ocean Deep – World Premiere (2017) Barry Truax (Canada)

Curation and sound diffusion: Lawrence Harvey

2nd to 3rd of May, 2017

Storey Hall, RMIT University, Melbourne

Gallery images: Vicki Jones