SITE & SOUND: Inhabitation

Spatial Sound Showcase

This concert was part of SITE & SOUND: sonic art as ecology practice, an exhibition shown at McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery.


Starlings Spatial Sound Collective is a group of sound artists dedicated to the investigation, demystification and celebration of spatialised sound.


Starlings presented two sessions on this day that included a mixture of performed and installed works: a new, site specific composition made in the natural environments around McClelland, and multichannel works by a range of artists with a particular focus on emerging spatial sound creatives in the Melbourne region.


Session one included works from:

  • Vicki Hallett [playback of installed work]

  • Dave Coen [performance]

  • Gillian Lever [performance]

  • Josh Peters [performance]

  • Lisa Rae Bartolomei [performance]

  • Marty Kay [performance]


Session two included works from:

  • Lewis Gittus [playback of installed work]

  • Nat Grant [playback of installed work]

  • Keith W Clancy [performance]

  • Gillian Lever [performance]

  • Josh Peters [performance]

  • Lisa Rae Bartolomei [performance]

  • Tarab [performance]


Looped installed works outside in the grounds of McClelland sculpture park, for both sessions:

  • Byron Dean

  • Bonnie Mercer

  • Sara Retallick

  • Blended Fields

27th of February, 2021

McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery, Langwarren

Gallery images: Lawrence Harvey & Simon Maisch