Spectrum 01

The opening event for SIAL Sound Studios, marking the premiere of large-scale surround speaker systems developed by the studios.

Spectrum 01 was the inaugural concert for SIAL Sound Studios, and official opening. This included works and performances by Lawrence Harvey, Jeremy Yuille, Atau Tanaka, Michael Fowler, Peter Brundle, Jeffrey Hannam and Derek Thompson.


The diagram to the right shows the draft system design for these concerts, and the first time we used an in the round configuration. From a central, but slightly offset mixing location, opposite speakers are paired, so audiences in each of the zones have a unique spatial image. The whole space can the be treated as a single multichannel listening environment by using just the speakers around the outside. This configuration is ideally suited to small venues seating to around 100 audience members. We used the configurations with slight variations in Opus ’09 (2009) for the opening series of the Melbourne Recital Centre, and Oceans (2017).

3rd to 4th December, 2004

Horti Hall, Melbourne