Spectrum 03

Three concerts of electroacoustic and contemporary featuring performances by SIAL staff, postgraduates and guests

Spectrum 03 included new works from composers and sound designers working in the Studios, a feature concert of chamber music by Karlheinz Stockhausen and electroacoustic works recasting the soundscape of urban environments.


Thursday 24th May, 2007 8pm – Concert 1; from the SIAL Sound Studios

•hallelu et Hashem min hashamayim: Adam Yee Elizabeth Barcan (flute)

•Primal: Jeffrey Hannam

•Hommage to W6, part II (R.M Schafer’s Leather Strap): Kristian Ekholm

•The Modular Garden: Scott Brewer

•I+R1: Nicholas Murray

•A Matter of Life and Death*: Steve Mackey (b.1955) Michael Fowler, piano

•Homage Au Ornette
Michael Fowler (keyboards/electronics), Timothy Constable (percussion) Tristram Williams (trumpet/electronics), Jeffrey Hannam (processing and spatialisation)

*Australian premier



Friday 25th May, 2007 8pm – Concert 2; STOCKHAUSEN

•Der Kleine Harlekin* Karen Heath, clarinet

•Aries* Tristram Williams, trumpet

•Vibra Elufa*

•Komet* Stuart Gerber, vibraphone/electronics

•Tanze Lucefa* Karen Heath, clarinet

•Drachenkampf Michael Fowler, synthesizer Ben Marks, trombone Tristram Williams, trumpet *Australian premier



6pm Thursday 26 May 2007 – Concert 3; Auditory City – electroacoustic composers responding to urban soundscapes

•Philip Conducts the City: Lawrence Harvey

•Urbania: Steve Law

•Inner Cities: Diego Garro

•Global Symphony: Jodie Rose

– Interval –

•Symmetry: Lawrence Harvey

•Gently Penetrating beneath the sounding

surfaces of another place: Hildegard Westerkamp

•Demolitions, demolition, fluxus, shelter: Justin Bennet

•Pripyat, the sound of a radioactive city: Peter Holmes

24th to 26th of May, 2007

Meat Market, North Melbourne