Masters Research

Masters positions are offered through the School of Design at RMIT University.

Candidates also participate in the Practice Research Symposium.

Prospective candidates should contact Lawrence Harvey, view the School of Graduate Research website here, and the Practice Research Symposium (PRS) website¬†here.¬†Search for ‘sound’.

Videos of sound based Masters and PhD examination presentations are available on the PRS website. Dissertations are available by clicking on the titles listed below.

Symbiosis, sound perfusion and listener agency: xamining living relationships between listener, composed space and listening space
Gillian Lever
in progress
The Transliminal Soundsphere: Narratological Representations of Sound In Space and the Building of the Sonic Imaginarium
Lisa Rae Bartolomei
in progress
Listening for Design: Urban Sonic Experience and the Sonic Identity Model
Sophie Gleeson
Homogeneity and Heterogeneity: two approaches for designing spatial sound
Jeff Hannam
White froth: palpitating body, sounding dress
Winnie Ha Mitford
Designing an orrery of the universe: the creation of new chamber music through algorithmic composition
Adam Yee
The Modular Garden: towards real-time synthesis of Japanese garden soundscapes
Scott Brewer
Sonic blocks : towards an exploratory and expressive tangible interaction
Frank Feltham
Change and growth of Australian music value chains
Sam Steedman
Transcribing Representational Sound-Space In Transitional Architecture
Derek Thompson
Performing the Art of Life: Four projects
Boo Chapple
Sonic Collaborative Design, frameworks for designing interactive sound environments
Jeremy Yuille