Research projects

Research is conducted in the facility and field, and communicated through creative outputs in concerts, exhibitions, installations, and broadcasts. These are complimented by traditional peer reviewed publications and dissertations. Publications appear here.


Research has been funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage and Discovery Programs, industry partners, local government and internal RMIT sources. Projects have included academic staff and guests, industry partners, HDRs and final year MDIT students undertaking Major Project in the MDIT. Methodologies and findings then form the basis for design briefs for each semester’s teaching of MDIT design studios and electives – the research led teaching model. A list of design studios appears here.


Research topics have included sound in Japanese gardens, urban soundscape design and experience, spatial sound design, contemporary music composition and performance, speaker orchestra development, sonification of astronomical data, virtual notation and performance, music technology, architectural acoustic design, motorway noise, acoustic ecology and soundscape studies, non traditional games sound.


For a complete picture of our research activities and outputs, see also HDRs, publications, performance and exhibition pages.


For research project enquiries, contact us here.

ARC – Agile Opera: opera in a new era

2013 – 2018

ARC – The Spatial Ensemble

2008 – 2011

ARC – TEIMU (The Garden of Dreams)

2006 – 2008

The Things We Did Next

2020 +


2019 +

Transurban: Acoustic Design Innovations

2016 – 2017

Urban Soundscape Systems

2008 – 2010

City Sounds 2

2004 – 2005

City Sounds 1.0

2003 – 2004

Software – Diffusion Software

2006 – 2013

Software – MAP: Multi-Channel Audio Player

2007 – 2008

Software – WasP

2008 – 2012