SIAL Sound Studios offers three electives:

Ambisonic Modelling
Soundscape Studies
Spatial Sound Composition and Diffusion (SSCAD)

These classes are available at undergraduate and postgraduate level. There are limited places available for students from outside the MDIT.


While Soundscape Studies is offered each semester, SSCAD and Ambisonic modelling are offered on alternate semesters. Click on the links below for further details.

There are no prerequisites for electives which are intended to offer different pathways into SIAL Sound Studio’s other programs.  For example a student from engineering, science, business or health might be interested in the social, cultural and environmental aspects of sound. Soundscape Studies would provide an introduction.

A design or music student might be interested in expanding their practice to spatial sound. SSCAD or Ambisonic Modelling would be suitable.

However, no prior-knowledge of sound or software is required, all techniques are taught in the class supported by examples, reading and tutorial videos.


All students are given access to the SIAL Sound Studios online dedicated learning portal, a resource containing reference library, instructional pdfs and videos, curated reading and listening lists, recordings and recommended software.

Ambisonic Modelling

Soundscape Studies

Spatial Sound Composition & Diffusion