Ambisonic Modelling

This course introduces students to methods of reproducing a recorded or synthesised sound field to create the illusion of hearing a true three-dimensional acoustic environment.

Ambisonics may support a variety of professional and research based applications including; investigations into acoustic environments of real or imagined spaces, describing the acoustic ecology of landscape design and built environments, support virtual walkthroughs of urban interiors, visual installation work, surround sound gaming, film and animation and interaction design.

This course is divided into two sections: the first section introduces the core principles of ambisonics, providing you with hands-on experience for accessing unique recording and synthesis techniques to support the creation of three-dimensional soundfields; the second section will apply these principles to model real-world spaces using Nebula, a software package developed in-house.

On completing this course, you will have a broad understanding of ambisonic sound, and the technical requirements for modelling a three-dimensional sonic environment.

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Undergraduate elective course code: ARCH1373
Masters elective course code: ARCH1374

Lecturer: Jeff Hannam