Graduate certificate

The Graduate Certificate of Design Innovation and Technology (GCDIT) is an opportunity to attend SIAL Sound Studios for one semester.

Sound students are part of the Immersive Experience stream, and work alongside a range of students in the Master of Design Innovation and Technology (MDIT).


In the immersive experience stream you will explore techniques for the creation of embodied, sensorial and affective immersive environments. In the suite of sound electives you will develop methods for the production of recorded or synthesised sound fields to create complex three-dimensional acoustic effects. Ultimately you will develop phenomenological approaches to the shaping of both virtual environments and physical installations.


Students undertake:
1 Design Studio
2 Electives
1 Research Methods course


Sound students also participate in concerts, workshops and other events. This course is aimed at students considering postgraduate study or moving into a new mode of practice.


For further details:
a) visit the MDIT website here
b) visit the Graduate Certificate website here