Astrosonics 1

A technical intensive addressing the challenge of Big Data

AstroSonics was as technical intensive designed to upskill students interested in the use of MaxMSP, and demonstrated how a creative design approach is useful for addressing the challenge of Big Data, a problem currently facing some of the more traditional sciences.

In this intensive students explored how sound bridges the gap between real-time data acquisition and its analysis.

Astrosonics was split into two parts – Astrosonics 1 introduced students to technical and practical aspects for prototyping a sound-based tool, using MaxMSP, focussing specifically on sonification techniques using data obtained from a radio telescope.

In principle, the techniques learnt in this intensive could be applied to just about any situation where human intervention is required for the rapid analysis and interpretation of real-time data.

Lecturer: Jeff Hannam
Semester 1, 2018