In The Dying Light

It’s fairly clear that over the last 12 months the way we interact with others, and our surroundings, has fundamentally changed.

Social distancing, contact restrictions and sanitisation have all been pushed into the foreground of the everyday experience. Yet the transition to this new contactless reality presents an opportunity to ponder a scenario where such limits may even extend to other sensory faculties – of sight and sound, and what this might mean for negotiating ways through already complex environments. Touching on themes of accessibility and wayfinding and the isolation of the senses as an experiential technique, we will explore the ways in which we perceive, interact and negotiate ways through an environment. In this studio we’ll be immersing ourselves within the physical environment for understanding how we perceive our physical surroundings but also and how we access, experience and negotiate ways through physical spaces – but through the subjective modulations of sight and sound. Framed by the notion of accessibility and the performative nature of wayfinding, this studio combines accessible sensory techniques and qualitative methods to gather, organise and make sense of environmental information to explore opportunities for applying creative design processes for reimagining, transforming and enhancing an experience of space.

Lecturers: Jeff Hannam