Sensing Nature

Exploring the role of sonic information for data rich environments

Today, we face more environmental challenges than ever before. The alarming loss of habitat diversity, decline of natural resources, urban development and air pollution.

Confronting these challenges not only demands changes to the way we live, but as designers we occupy a unique space for helping to communicate directly to issues and concepts that are widely viewed as being situated within the public domain, but are less a part of everyday experience.

Through the linking of ecoacoustic approaches, sonic information design and fabrication, students in Sensing Nature studio present creative works that aim to bridge this growing socio-ecological gap. This studio is a collaboration with McClelland Sculpture Gallery, and works developed in this studio were be presented in installation-form as part of the Site & Sound exhibition that opened in December 2020.

Lecturers: Jeff Hannam, Sophie Gleeson
Semester 2, 2020