Past studios

Since the mid 1990s more than 30 academics have delivered design studios, electives and post-graduate supervision on sound based topics in the School of Architecture and Design at RMIT. While a core group of sound-based practitioners have maintained an electroacoustic studio in the school since the late 1990s, staff from other design disciplines and guests have collaborated on teaching and research projects.


A brief history is presented in this video-lecture – Lawrence Harvey: Part Two – Teaching Spatial Sound. This talk was prepared from interviews with key academics including Leon van Schaik to trace the origins of the sound program now in the School of Design, and includes a timeline of past teaching and selected research activity in sound in design.


Since 2002, SIAL Sound Studios have taught into all design programs – Interior, Industrial, Fashion and Architecture in the School of Architecture & Urban Design and now School of Design. Below are short introductions to several of these studios and elective based projects. Links to key papers on teaching appear at the end of the studio list.

Voicing the Sonic


Museum of Sound




The Future Sound of Cities


Memory Games


Selected papers on teaching sound in design:

Voicing the Sonic: a case study of the RMIT Sonic Arts Collection and the Speaker Orchestra
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Revoicing the urban soundscape: a case study of soundscape design interventions at RMIT University
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Ephemeral envelopment: the electroacoustic music studio in a school of spatial studies
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Resounding Cities: Acoustic Ecology and Games Technology
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The aural eye: soundscape practice and pedagogy in design education
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Implementing Nonlinear Sound Strategies within Spatial Design: Learning sound and spatial design within a collaborative virtual environment
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Conference paper: MelbourneDAC 2003 streamingworlds: 5th International Digital Arts & Culture Conference, RMIT University, School of Applied Communication, Melbourne, Australia