Compared to concerts, exhibitions and installations present a different mode of creative practice and spatial listening.


SIAL Sound Studios staff and postgraduates have produced individual works and entire exhibitions in galleries, urban sites and landscaped parks. These projects have also involved collaboration with external arts and technology partners. For two large projects, we collaborated with design and architecture colleagues to create new structures for listening: SERPICO with Ross McClelland and The Torus with Nick Williams.


We have used teaching and post-graduate research to explore experimental ideas for exhibitions and develop techniques for practice. MDIT students have explored exhibition projects for environmental data sonification through studios such as Sensing Nature and alternative loudspeaker design in Surface 2 Edge, both led by Jeffrey Hannam. Masters graduate and tutor Sophie Gleeson explored techniques for early design and site evaluation in her dissertation Listening for Design: Urban Sonic Experience and the Sonic Identity Model.


Since 2013 our exhibition projects usually include works from the RMIT Sonic Arts Collection. Starting with Sound Bites City our exhibition projects have ensured the collection maintains it’s cultural presence in the life of the University and local arts sectors.


As the academic partner to the Sonic Arts Collection, SIAL Sound Studios maintains access to the works and prepares individual collection works for exhibition.


You can find a list of our previous exhibitions here.