PhD Research

PhD positions are offered through the School of Design at RMIT University.

Candidates also participate in the Practice Research Symposium.

Prospective candidates should contact Lawrence Harvey, view the School of Graduate Research website here, and the Practice Research Symposium (PRS) website here. Search for ‘sound’.

Videos of sound based Masters and PhD examination presentations are available on the PRS website. Dissertations are available by clicking on the titles listed below.

Agile Recorder: an iterative chamber of practice
Sam McGilp
in progress
Journey for the ear
Jeff Hannam
in progress
XENTHESIS: A new sound synthesis model utilising neuroevolutionary computation
James Curtis
in progress
Improvising polyrhythmic space: exploring a continuum of musico-spatial creative practice
Jeremy Ham
Spatial audio engineering: exploring height in acoustic space
James Barbour
Wall of Noise, Web of Silence
David Pledger
Ears in motion: designing a toolkit for the sounds of sport
Daniel St Clair
From body schema to score: creating spatial grammars in contemporary electric guitar practice
Daryl Buckley
Rupturing urban sound(scape)s: spatial sound design for the diversification of affective sonic ecologies
Jordan Lacey
Conducting space: An analysis-based approach to spatial sound design in contemporary chamber music performance
Michael Hewes
[De]bordering indeterminacy between architecture and music
Chelle Macnaughtan
Spatial representation in architecture: spatial communication through the use of sound
Errol Tout
Sound and space: an architect's investigation
Nicholas Murray
The auditory centre : research and design of acoustic environments and spatial sound projects
Lawrence Harvey