Bundoora Spine Soundscape System

The Bundoora Soundscape System was installed as part of RMIT’s Bundoora Pedestrian Spine project, a walk way between a main road through reclaimed wetlands.


The twenty channel soundscape system was added to the project in early 2014 and installed along the edge of the bridge, partially concealed behind detailing of the structure. Installation and commissioning of the final system was completed through 2014. While multi-channel sound works from the RMIT Sound Art Collection were used for the opening series, new works can be installed on the system.


The system has been used for MDIT classes on urban sound.


You can read further information about the system on the MC2 Audio website here.

An article in AV Technology magazine about the Bundoora Spine Soundscape System can be read here.

Opened 24th of June, 2014

RMIT Bundoora

Project team:

Suzanne Davies – RMIT Gallery Director and Chief Curator

Jon Buckingham – Collections Coordinator

Lawrence Harvey – SIAL Sound Studios and Artistic Advisor to the RMIT Sound Art Collection

Jeffrey Hannam – SIAL Sound Studios and Production Coordinator.

Stephen Adam – Spatial Audio Consultant


Partner: Simon Tait – Equipment and installation, CMI Music and Audio