Sound Bites City

The inaugural exhibition of the RMIT Sonic Arts Collection

This first event presented 19 local, national and international spatial sound works in The Torus, a purpose-built exhibition platform – a spiralling timber gridshell design – where audiences could stroll, sit or lie down inside a 21-channel loudspeaker system.


Sound Bites City emerged from a study 2008-2009 into Melbourne’s 5 urban soundscape systems. This earlier project identified gaps in the curation and operation of systems that could be addressed by establishing a dedicated sound art collection, purpose built exhibition platform and curatorial–research team in a university. For over two years RMIT Gallery worked closely with SIAL Sound Studios academic and technical team to curate the inaugural works and develop an exhibition platform for spatial electroacoustic sound works. In addition to The Torus, the project required new software that scheduled and presented the 19 works on different daily schedules.


Works presented

• We’ll All Go Together – Susan Philipsz
• Kirribilli Wharf – Bill Fontana
• Namib – Chris Watson
• Constructions Metalliques – Christian Zanesi
• Sije les Ecoutais – Christine Groult
• Sounds of Weather – Christophe Charles
• Spaces of Mind – Daniel Teruggi
• 5000 Calls – David Chesworth/Sonia Leber
• Madeira Soundscape – Doug Quin
• Points Critiques – Horacio Vaggione
• Cat Purring Katrin – Isabel Ernst
• White Noise Spatialisation – Nick Murray
• Wayfinder – Nick Murray
• Atmosis – Philip Brophy
• A Sonic Truce – Stephan Schutze
• Passing By…More Quickly – Stephen Adam
• Coffee Sugar – Stephen Adam
• A Day of Hours: Sonic Archaeology From Here – Susan Frykberg

4th of September to the 19th of October, 2013

RMIT University Gallery

Project team:

• Curators – Suzanne Davies, Associate Professor Lawrence Harvey, and Jon Buckingham
• Torus Design – Nicholas Williams
• Construction – Jon Cherry, Nicholas Williams and students from the School of Architecture and Urban Design
• Technical platforms and hardware – Jeffrey Hannam
• Stereo mixes for iPods – Paris Larman
• Additional technical support – Simon Maisch