Winners CEC 20th JTTP Competition

Commissions DSP Research Group

Spatial sound works exploring diverse influences, from sleep and the unconscious, to disorder and stability, machines to save the world, analogue synthesis and the sonic oscillations between nature and humanity.

Canadian Electroacoustic Community – Winners of 20th JTTP /Times Play Competition (2019) and commissions by the City of Melbourne – Design and Sonic Practice Research Group, School of Design (2021/22)

The Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) is Canada’s official national association for electroacoustic practices. Since its founding in 1986, the CEC has dedicated its resources to supporting and promoting the ever-expanding field of practices comprising this progressive art form. A broad, multi-level project, Jeu de temps / Times Play (JTTP) is an annual project aimed at promoting and celebrating new creative work by young and/or emerging electroacoustic artists from (or living in) Canada.  See –

The Design and Sonic Practice (DSP) Research Group is based in the School of Design, RMIT University. They are active in sonic practices across art, design, engineering, health, music, digital media, life and earth sciences. Research and teaching by the group into these disciplines’ranges from composition and design to theory, programming, scientific and medical research, public concerts and installations.


  • Meri Leeworthy – Soft Body Death Highway (2022/ 20:00)**
  • Diego Bermudez Chamberland – Buscando la luz (2018 / 10:09) ­JTTP – joint 5th place
  • Benjamin Duplantie Grenier  – Terre (2019 / 8:00) ­JTTP – joint 5th place
  • Valentin Stip – 1109 (2018 / 8:06) ­JTTP – 4th place


  • Joseph Callaly – Patterns of Self-Organisation (In swarms) (2022/ 21:00)**
  • Léa Boudreau – Quatre machines pour sauver le monde (2019 / 12:20) JTTP 3rd place
  • Roger Tellier-Craig – Nulle part à trouver (2019 / 17:39) JTTP 2nd place
  • Nicola Giannini  – Eyes Draw Circles of Light (2019 / 9:18) JTTP 1st place
** City of Melbourne, Design and Sonic Practice Research Group Commission


  • Sound diffusion  – Meri Leeworthy, Lisa Rae Bartolomei and Lawrence Harvey.
  • Technical Production Manager – Simon Maisch
  • Production Assistance – Elliot Taylor
  • Additional Production Assistance – Insight AV


Binaural recording and video of the performance is available on the SIAL Sound YouTube channel.

Canadian Electroacoustic Community 20th JTTP site (link coming soon)

Design and Sonic Practice Research Group (link coming soon)

Images below from rehearsal, workshop and performance.

7pm, Wednesday 14 September, 2022

Storey Hall, RMIT University