Melbourne Recital Centre: Opus ’09

In 2009 SIAL Sound Studios was invited to present 5 concerts as part of the inaugural series opening Melbourne Recital Centres – Opus 09′ Number 1, and Opus ’09 Number 2.


They were the only university based group to participate in the event.  After four years of research and development into spatial sound concerts through the Spectrum series, SIAL Sound Studios proposed a concert series of classics and contemporary electroacoustic works. The program included 3 concerts of major spatial compositions by Karlheinz Stockhausen, Iannis Xenakis and Luigi Nono, and two concerts of key electroacoustic works from the 1950’s to the present. The Series was funded by the Melbourne Recital Centre, RMIT University’s School of Architecture and Design the Design Research Institute.


Opus ’09 No. 1
The Stockhausen Electro-Acoustic Concert
20th February, 7.30PM, Elisabeth Murdoch Hall

Kontakte (1960)

Michael Fowler – Synthesizer, Piano
Stuart Gerber – Percussion


Opus ’09 No. 1
Xenakis Electro-Acoustic Works 1
24th February, 7.30PM, The Salon

Gendy 3 (1991)
Andromeda (1989)
Hibiki-Hana-Ma (Reverberation-Flower-lnterval) (1969)

Lawrence Harvey – Sound Diffusion


Opus ’09 No.1
Luigo Nono
3rd April, 7.30PM, The Salon

Nono – La lontananza nostalgica utopica futura
Madrigale per pîu¨”caminantes” con Gidon Kremer (1988) for solo violin, 8 channel tape and live electronics.

Graeme Jennings – Violin
Lawrence Harvey – Sound Diffusion


Opus ’09 No. 2
Musique Concrete, Salon
23rd May, 7.30 PM

Varése – Poéme électronique for three track tape (1957 – 58)
Pierre Henry and Pierre Schaeffer – Sympyonie pour un Homme Seul (1950)
Trevor Wishart – Red Bird (1973 – 77)
Jonathan Harvey – Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco for four channel tape (1980)
Boulez – Dialogue de l’ombre double for clarinet and live elctronics
Denis Smalley – Clarinet Threads (1985)

Richard Haynes – Clarinet
Lawrence Harvey – Sound Diffusion
Michael Hewes – audio engineering


Opus ’09 No. 2
8th June, 7.30PM, Salon

Cage – Williams Mix for 8 channel tape (1952-53)
Reynolds – Eclipse (Voicespace III) 1979)
Babbitt – Philomel for soprano and tape (1964)
Babbitt – Reflections for soprano and tape (1964)
Oliveros – Bye Bye Butterfly (1965)
Barrett – Microclimates III-IV (2007)

Deborah Kayser – Soprano
Michael Fowler – Piano

20th of February to 8th of June, 2009

Melbourne Recital Centre