Traversing the sound sphere – a Starlings Collective show

Orbits: traversing the sound sphere was held at RMIT’s Black Box Theatre on Saturday 16th November, 2019, presented by Starlings in conjunction with SIAL Sound Studios.

With a spherical array of 26 speakers surrounding the listener, Orbits explored sound’s ability to move through, inhabit, and create ever-transforming shapes in space.

Orbits featured the Australian debut of compositions by Starlings members and other Melbourne sound artists.

Performers and works were:

  • Keith W. Clancy – 31 to 41 (live sound diffusion)

  • Lisa Rae Bartolomei, David Coen, Keith W. Clancy, Don Gray, Gillian Lever and Joshua Peters – Oil and water (collaboratively composed 26 channel sound work).

  • Lisa Rae Bartolomei – The Inner Planets (live sound diffusion).

  • Joshua Peters – Phase Transitions (live sound diffusion).

  • Gillian Lever – Brain Box (26 channel sound work).

16th of November, 2019

Black Box Multimedia Theatre, RMIT University, Melbourne

Gallery images: Dusty Reid