Acoustic Craft

The design brief is to create a flexible space for spatial audio experience – suitable for experimentation that combines digital tools with physical acoustic materials – and functional for client consultation, research, teaching and workshops. Think – advanced space for auditory spatial experience.

With Marshall Day Acoustics (MDA) as industry partner, you will master techniques for designing and modelling an acoustic gallery. You will develop acoustic design documentation relevant to industry requirements, as well as build the skills needed for communicating complex acoustic concepts. Throughout this studio you will explore creative design experiments using passive and active acoustic techniques.

All acoustic and sound-based concepts will be introduced through lectures, reading, demonstrations and experiments. Prior knowledge of sound is not required but will be progressively developed through the studio.

Lecturers: Jeffrey Hannam, Lawrence Harvey

Guests: Robert Joseph and Mathew Garland (Marshall Day Acoustics)

Semester 2, 2022